Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to order?

Usually the best way to order is to call (970) 422-1888 but you can also email Hello@twobears.farm.

Is your flower compliant?

Yes, while we do have flower that is below 0.3% Delta-9 THC. We also have flower that is totally compliant, just ask! Every state is different so please check with your state laws. A good resource is to google "Delta 9 or Total THC in "YOUR STATE" or "Hemp laws in..."

Is your flower Organic?

While our flower is Organically grown it is not "certified orgainic"

Will your products get me high?

Absolutely not. The most common effect is relaxation and reduction of pain or anxiety which can feel so good that you might think you are high.

Will I fail a drug test?

We can not make any claims one way or another since hemp can have trace amounts of THC in it. While it is not likely it is still possible.


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